Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dad's Birthday Dinner - Part I

For my dad's 50th birthday, bf and I are cooking a meal for him and my stepmom. And 2 other couples at most. ( I don't think we can handle cooking for more than 6.) These are our ideas for the menu so far:

munchies: marcona almonds tossed in oil, radishes with lime compound butter and sea salt
amuse: seared ahi tuna
apps: crostini with serrano ham, manchego cheese and truffle oil, bacon-wrapped scallop
soup shots: cauliflower soup? white bean? asparagus?
salad: crab salad-topped avacado or beet salad with mache or pea shoots
entree: Paella with saffron rice
dessert: creme brulee or flourless chocolate cake w/bourbon whipped cream

Some of it will be up to my dad. He might hate beets, for all I know. But I am so, so looking forward to this. I've never prepared an elaborate meal before. It will be good experience. It helps that bf is a cook by trade. And that some of the dishes can be prepared in advance. Dad just needs to pick a date!

*Edited to add: Happy 23rd Birthday, Clayton!

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auntie said...

your blog is great- think of me when you pick the other couple