Sunday, July 8, 2007

No Food, Bad Food, Food Porn

No new places to report on from the last week, although I'm heading to Tabla tonight. Every time I go (with the exception of the last time) I sing the praises of this simple Mediterranean bistro.

I did eat at Russell Street BBQ recently, though, but it wasn't that good. I'm not interested enough to post about it. Maybe later when I'm really bored.

Food porn. Photo courtesy of Alinea restaurant in Chicago, where I would really like to eat someday. This item is entitled "apple". The menu states it is served with horseradish and celery.


extramsg said...

I've actually had that dish. The inside is liquid apple and you "drink" it all at once and have the "apple" explode in your mouth.

LadyConcierge said...

Drool. Now I just need to conjure a reason for a visit to Chicago. Maybe Oprah will call.

Flynn said...

and have the "apple" explode in your mouth.

Sounds like just your thing, big guy.

extramsg said...

The banana version at Alinea is codenamed: "the Flynn".