Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And maybe we'll just stay in and cook...

So how do you like the new template? I like it cause it's wider. And I like blue.

Carafe called back today in response to my Valentine's Day reservation message. They are full already, except for the outside part. Which, they assure me, is enclosed and nice. Brian is having none of it - we must eat inside in February.

So, looking down at my list of restaurants, what about Simpatica? I checked Ben's latest newsletter, which mentions that they will release the V-Day menu next week (which is this week). I attempted to fill out the reservation form, but apparantly one cannot make a reservation so far in advance. I guess when they release the menu it will be ok to make a reservation. If that doesn't work, I give up and we will cook at home like we did last year, only this year I will actually clean off the dining room table so we can use it.

It's good to have a goal.


angelhair said...

The outside at Carafe is not bad. But anywhere on Valentine's is a zoo. I would just stay in too.

LadyConcierge said...

I'm kind of with you. All's I want every year is scallops anyway, and Brian makes the best ones.

Maybe we'll go another night instead to Carafe.